The Timing is Right, The Cause is Just.

It's official. It's indisputable.

The Democrat Party does not care about small business owners, children, communities, the U.S. Constitution, and election integrity.

Show me one Democrat member of Congress who cares about all of the items above and I will show you proof climate change exists.

This is why Rubin Young, Florida D-23 Congressional Candidate, who is running against incumbent Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is the at the right place, at the right time, with the right South Florida people.

Rubin is running for Congress for a cause, not just because.

  1. Rubin is not running for Congress because he wants to expand his personal real estate investment holdings.

  2. Rubin is not running for Congress because an extra $1M in donations will fund his business interests.

  3. Rubin is not running for Congress because he looks cute in a $1,000 suit as he gets out of his $100,000 luxury vehicle.

  4. Rubin is not running for Congress because his supporters told him he was very handsome.

  5. Rubin is not running for Congress because, if he loses, he may receive donations from Democrat operatives, posing as Republicans, as an incentive to perform poorly and lose as Debbie Wasserman Schultz is reelected.

The good news is Rubin Young is running for Congress for several causes:

  1. Rubin is running so small business owners can: grow the local economy, keep people employed, promote capitalism and entrepreneurship and shutdown all Democrat politician actions to push American towards communism.

  2. Rubin is running to prove he is not a sellout to special interests, big corporate money and lobbyist connected donors.

  3. Rubin is running to show everyday Americans that good guys do sometimes finish first by putting in hard work.

  4. Rubin is running as a symbol to voters of all backgrounds that there are 'diamonds in the ruff' and you cannot always judge a book by its cover.

  5. Rubin is running to restore voter integrity stained by fraud and corruption at the hands Democrat and Republican politicians, misleading Americans to believe what is good is now bad and what is bad is now good. Thank God for President Donald Trump who exposed the corruption in both political parties.

Rubin believes that there has never been a time so necessary than right now to put America back on track to being the greatest country on Earth.

All of South Florida, the state of Florida and the other 49 states should support Rubin Young.

Team Young needs your support to fund our systems "to win and not to lose" and to build a likely voter base of 400,000. Please subscribe to our mailing list so we can approximate how close we come to the 400,000 count. Team Young sends only two emails per month to our subscriber list.

Please donate what you can by clicking the DONATE link. Thanks for reading my article. People can support Team Young's fundraising efforts by purchasing the book, "American Carnage" from Sophie's Publishing, a South Florida publishing company owned by a female, Danish patriot.

Thank you for reading this article.

Rubin Young

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