Sending Prayers of Love for the DeSantis Family

Father in the name of Jesus...

Lord, we bind every demonic spirit that's coming against Governor Ron DeSantis and his family God.

Lord, we speak healing over his wife God in the mighty mighty name of Jesus and we pray that you release Gabriel and Michael and that they be posted around the Governor's mansion, so that the enemies of the light can be casted into the lake of fire from whence they came.

Lord, I had an opportunity to meet Casey and she's the sweetest person that you ever want to meet. She's such an angel heart and she deserves to be blessed and highly favored by you right now and within this moment...Lord in the mighty mighty name of Jesus.

Lord, teach us how to pray for our nation, state and do nott let the Governor and or his family fight this battle by themselves.

Please raise them up in the East, Lord, and let your warrior angel blow the trumpet showing our enemies that you have all powers in your hands within both heaven and earth.

Lord, the nation is coming together behind Governor DeSantis, Casey and Donald Trump and we're praying for them in your son's Jesus name because you said where there are two or three touching an agreeing in your name there you are in the midst.

Lord, please end the divisions within America and use the Governor's family to heal our lands to bring this country back together. Lord, show yourself strong by letting the world see you are healing Casey and all other Casey’s like her.

We thank you Lord for keeping them throughout the anarchy and, most importantly, Lord for giving us Governor DeSantis and First Lady Casey.

We praise you Lord in advance for healing her and we're joining together in our praises.

In Jesus name Amen....

Rubin Young

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