Rubin Young Worked Hard at the Faith & Freedom Coalition Event in Orlando

As Larry Elder, national talk show host in Los Angeles, quotes his late father's famous words, "hard work pays off", Rubin must have had this phrase etched in his eyelids as a constant reminder during this past weekend's Faith and Freedom Coalition event in Orlando, Florida.

A recent donor to Rubin's campaign, from Jacksonville Florida, was excited to hear that Rubin connected with over 1,500 attendees at the event.

And Team Rubin Young and his campaign manager set appointments with various organizations and committed to calling everyone of the attendees who gave Team Rubin Young their business cards.

Rubin learned many years ago when he was taking teams of salespeople to market a product door-to-door that people do not mind being pitched if they see hard work involved. In fact, hard work has always been greatly admired.

Think about the last time you tipped your restaurant waiter or waitress. If he or she provided excellent customer service that enhanced your dining experience, you probably left a generous gratuity to show your appreciation.

Think about the Realtor who put in many hours on the road and on the phone, coordinating with companies to make sure your home sold, on time, with the fewest number of challenges possible.

The best and most recent hard work example is the work President Donald J. Trump displayed as he campaigned before the 2016 election and during his 2020 reelection bid. While "currently" not the President, Donald Trump has a full schedule of meetings to speak with people in cities across America.

Rubin Young has hard work in his veins as he is building his base of supporters with the following five-point message:

  1. Be a strong advocate for small business owners.

  2. Support parents and children in receiving a quality education.

  3. Keep communities safe, prosperous, full of opportunity for everyone.

  4. Full commitment to the unadulterated U.S. Constitution and the rule of law.

  5. Restore the election process so every legal vote counts.

Florida District 23 residents should get used to seeing Rubin Young all throughout the District meeting small business owners, parents and grandparents, community leaders, law enforcement and key state and national figures to restore and strengthen the election process.

Rubin lives in the same community as you do. Let's work together to improve District 23.

"Rubin Young is running for Congress for the cause...not just because."

Team Rubin Young

My name is Rubin Young, District 23 Florida Republican candidate for Congress and I approve this message.

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