Rubin Young, Running for Congress: Tested, Tried and Day One Ready

Rubin Young naysayers are turning into cheerleaders, overnight, fifteen months before the general election.

The feedback from South Florida political people in the know is Rubin Young is tried and tested to be the new District 23, House Member, representing parts of Broward and Miami-Dade Counties.

Some readers may understand the following blue jeans analogy as people's favorite pair of jeans is the old pair that is most comfortable. This comfortable, often worn pair of jeans were made when American companies put a lot of craftsmanship and effort into making blue jeans.

Many of the blue jeans sold in America today are made in Chinese factories. These foreign made jean manufacturers do not understand how American bodies are shaped. These jeans do not feel good in the crotch area. Some of these foreign made jeans show "butt crack" instead of the jean design predicting how the body operates when bending or stooping down.

I say all of this to emphasize that Rubin Young is not foreign made. Rubin is an American born candidate who knows his United States of America history. Rubin probably knows more about the founding of the United States and its great U.S. Constitution than many seated members of Congress.

Since the age of 28, Rubin Young has experienced just about every situation imaginable in politics and running for office. Did you know that Rubin Young was cheated out of several local South Florida office victories? And guess what? Rubin knows how the cheating was done and how to minimize or eliminate the cheating, this time, in his District 23 run for Congress.

Stay tuned. Rubin will discuss these situations where he won the political races but the South Florida cheating machine stole the elections from Rubin.

Across the country, in many state and national political races past and present, "fake Americanism" is clearly visible to the American electorate. Just look at how many members of Congress betrayed President Donald Trump by voting to impeach him regarding the January 6 incident.

A true America-First candidate has the spirit of America in his or her DNA. You are either born with Americanism in your blood or you have lived and survived under a harsh, tyrannical government and escaped that environment to enjoy America's Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The American voter is beginning to see Rubin Young as the true leader in the District 23 race for Congress. The best candidate and new House Representative must be able to talk about and understand how the legislative process works.

To be brutally honest with readers and podcast listeners, this District 23 race should be titled: "The Put Up or Shut Up Race".

Meaning, candidates must tell District 23 voters what they know about serving in one of 535 important jobs in America! Running for Congress should not be a beauty contest because Rubin Young would surely lose. Even lipstick will not help Rubin look good! Some people say Rubin looks like a frog with a hat on carrying an American Flag.

During the current political crisis, American voters want members of Congress who can hit the ground running. The current situation and beyond is: "mission critical". Meaning, there are many tricksters trying to trip up candidates to make them say things or sign-on to things that will hurt them, hurt you and hurt the country.

What happened to General Flynn could happen to any candidates who is unfamiliar with the U.S. Constitution, established DC protocols and political rules of engagement.

Look at what happened to General Michael Flynn in the early presidency of Donald. I referenced this one article over others because it shows how General Michael Flynn was duped because even he was unfamiliar with the game is played.

The tricksters invited General Flynn to a supposedly national security meeting. Flynn, not fully understanding how these devilish people wanted to politically damage President Donald Trump, took the bait and was immediately forced to resign. Of course, that one meeting was the flame to ignite the Russian Collusion hoax.

Imagine if the District 23 candidate is coming into office on "training wheels"!

Rubin Young is the District 23 candidate who will be ready on the first day of his congressional term.

Rubin needs signed petitions and donations. Please visit his website to download the petition and click HERE to donate.

Rick Nappier, Fundraising Director

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