Republican Political Candidates Should Make Their Own Beds

This topic takes me back to military boot camp where, as a young man, I was introduced to practices I previously took for granted as a teenager.

The practice I was abruptly made aware of in boot camp was making my bunk bed according to military standards. I never knew making your bed was so meticulous and required so much detail until I went to U.S. Army.

Isn't it amazing how so much detail is required to make a bed in boot camp! And the penalty for not making a bunk with superior hospital corners was a demerit.

In boot camp, a demerit is a mark made against one's training record for a fault or for misconduct. Getting too many demerits in boot camp may signal a military trainee's inability to follow specific instructions.

Of course, opportunities exist everywhere and some boot camp trainees who mastered making hospital corner beds charged fees to trainees who were unsuccessful.

Where am I going with this? The boot camp trainee who never learned how to make good military hospital corners bed, in the back of his or her mind, will never feel complete as a soldier.

The alert I am getting as a Congressional candidate is Team Rubin Young for Congress FL D-23 needs to become skillful in connecting with potential voters instead of solely relying on political schemes and gimmicks.

People need to hear more from Rubin Young, see more of Rubin Young, and know how Rubin Young will fix D-23 issues needing improvement and monitor and stabilize good policies.

The best way for Rubin Young for Congress FL 23 to fulfill D-23 residents' needs is to hear from the people.

So far, I am hearing that the following are the top five D-23 resident concerns:

  1. Be a strong advocate for small business owners.

  2. Support parents and children in receiving a quality education.

  3. Keep communities safe, prosperous, full of opportunity for everyone.

  4. Full commitment to the unadulterated U.S. Constitution and the rule of law.

  5. Restore the election process so every legal vote counts.

Florida D-23 residents should get used to seeing Rubin Young all throughout the District, meeting small business owners, parents and grandparents, community leaders, law enforcement and key local, state and national figures to restore and strengthen election integrity.

Rubin lives in the same community as you do. Let's work together to improve D-23. I want to learn the needs of my District like I mastered how to make my own boot camp, hospital corners bed.

"Rubin Young is running for Congress for the cause...not just because."

Team Rubin Young

My name is Rubin Young, District 23 Florida Republican candidate for Congress and I approve this message.

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