I Reached Out to Governor DeSantis and President Trump About This Democrat Illegal Voting Scheme

Mr. President and Governor DeSantis, I am Rubin Young an America First Republican Congressional Candidate who is running against Debbie Wasserman Schultz in 2022.

My purpose for running is to help restore the American dream, revitalize the American spirit and return this country back to law and order.

In following both your examples to "say something when you see something", it is highly important that my correspondence reaches your eyes during these most turbulence times in the fight for our freedoms.

From sea to shining seas, Democrat Party chaos continues flowing throughout America, where the Democrat party is developing, yet, another very sinister, diabolical, and dangerous scheme that focuses on overthrowing the 2022 elections with illegal votes.

Last night, I reluctantly attended a Democrat planning meeting for the purposes of helping my friend of 16 years, who never has been genuinely supported by Democrat Party, yet she is faithful even though Democrat efforts have produced little to no fruit for the black community over the last 50 years.

The guess speaker was a Supervisor of Elections (SOE). This Florida State constitutional officer, who swore by oath to protect and defend both the Florida State Constitution and the United States Constitution, appears to be abandoning his oath of office.

This state SOE has characterized the SB90 law signed by Governor Ron DeSantis as a "voter suppression law", which this SOE said is enacted by Republicans to "stop people from voting". The SOE implied that his office would not allow SB90 to impact his efforts to collect votes.

In addition, he shared with the Democrat group of about 30-40 attendees how they could get around third party registration laws. Meaning, instead of taking voter registration applications, they could refer voter to the SOE websites for voter registration in lieu of paper applications which would normally be turned into his office, prior to SB90.

Some Democrat attendees asked they could also hold events to register or sign voters up by computer on behalf of the Democrat Party. The SOE replied "Yes", as long as there are no paper applications to be turned into his office, which then would be coded and reported".

The SOE said that those voters voting by mail-in ballots must re-register each year or submit mail-in ballots requests after every general election. This scheme gets around SB90 and that his offices would create a software program that will collect voters' balloting data for his office to send notices that reminds Democrat voters to requests mail in ballots every year.

Just imagine the extra work created to constantly and unnecessarily re-register voters just to get around SB90.

The SOE stated that information will be permanently stored and kept by his office in a database. The SOE also stated that, under SB90, mail-in ballots must be turned in by either a relative or caregiver...which is as SB90 states.

The SOE elaborated further that if these persons are not relatives or caregivers submitting mail-in ballots that his office will not be able to dispute mail-in ballot origins if mail-in ballots are developed outside the SB90 law guidelines.

Finally, the SOE explained how Democrats can also get around new mail-in ballot drop box laws. He said that SB90 new voter suppression law states that drop boxes must be 150 feet from the precinct entry doors or at voting facilities managed by the Supervisor of Elections.

The SOE plans to partner with libraries and open more permanent satellite facilities meeting SB90 requirements, which allow greater accessibility to Democrat voters.

Mr. President and Governor, I am now of the opinion that in order to protect and preserve our country's election integrity, we must seriously consider reviewing any and all Supervisor of Elections and local canvassing board positions. These positions are real threats to free and fair elections.

This SOE comments and plans should be reviewed to determine if he violated of Florida. Statutes s.104.051 and s.104.0615 and/or any other related Florida statutes.

Mr. President, as you poetically stated, "America will never be a communist or socialist country". People like myself must be proactive, not reactive in keeping our election system honest.

Thank you both for reading this information.

Rubin Young

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